I have been taking yoga classes from various instructors for over 20 years. Elaina, is by far, the best teacher I've ever had. Her knowledge of yoga and her professionalism are outstanding. She is always well prepared, patient and focused. I always leave feeling good and anticipate my next class. -Sheila Miss

Elaina's yoga/pilates class is amazing. I've done yoga in many places - Three Trees, Hot Yoga, etc. and she is better than all of them. I can't say enough about her. She creates a calming, kind and beautiful energy in the class as well. So.....great quality class, offers modfied and challenging options. Great teacher! Great energy. -Mary Stewart

Patrook of my first yoga class and left a new man! My range of muscular motion was widened and has even intensified my daily resistance and conditioning training. If you're searching for mind to muscle connection, muscular flexibility, targeted breathing, plyometric/isometric focus and core strengthening - I'd highly recomment Elaina Yoga....she'll WERK YOU!! -Enrique Arvayo

I've practiced yoga all over the world. After your class... now THAT is yoga! - Mike

You were awesome! Perfect blend of challenging & encouraging :) - Martha Reyes

I really liked the flow! It wasn't too fast or too much - just enough. I usually have a hard time relaxing for yoga but was easily able to let go! The adjustments felt great! Quite surprisingly fell in love with hot yoga this morning! - Gwen Wedenoja

Elaina! Tonight's session was just what I needed! You're AMAZING girl! And the extra stretching at the end was like the icing on the cake :) See you next week! - Priscilla Pham

Thank you so much for such a great class. I really stretched out my body. I feel so relaxed  and ready to take on my busy weekend. - Courtney Thomas

Very cool endorsement from Howard Kremer on the Who Charted? podcast #341 at about 1:22 in. He says even though I sound like a kindergarten teacher, I have all the secrets to the universe and speak in riddles giggling like Yoda. Hmmm.... Yep! That sounds about right! ;) 

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