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Interview With a Guru: Why Are We Here?

May 4, 2015
I had a chance to sit down with a yoga guru (who wishes not to be named) and ask several life long questions that I had been seeking answers to like: Why are we here? What is the point of all this? 

Many years ago I walked into a yoga class with a broken body and exhausted spirit. I was looking for answers to the eternal "Why" because I didn't want to do this anymore. "This" as in what I then thought was living but felt more like just merely existing. I'm talking about day in, day out, month after month, year after year of what felt like the maximum level of difficulty life had to offer me. Poor me right? I was done with it. What's the point of being born, being raised, going to school, getting a degree, getting married, having kids, raising them, go on a few vacations, retire, then die. And what of working at a job you can't stand? Living in an expensive debt of a box, to climbing into another expensive box that tortures you with a 2 hour commute to another tall city box 8-12 hours a day of trying make as much money as you can to buy crap you don't need. Then climb the corporate ladder to what? Put your kids in as many activities as you can for what? Every answer I had for that wasn't the one I was looking for. I grew up in the Church of Christ, so I had a pretty good idea of God. And at this time of the interview I had a few years of regular yoga practice under my belt so I was well aware of meditation and the "Laws of Attraction". I was going on my 7th year of giving, giving, giving and I was burnt out.  So I set out on a mission to figure out why life felt more like a death sentence. 

Me: Why are we here?
Guru: To love each other, to be loved and to share our talents and passions with the world.
Me: Why? What is the point of that? 
Guru: Why does there need to be a point? Does a dancer dance for the prize at the end of the dance or do they dance just because they love to dance? Do we listen to Mozart just to get to the end note or do we enjoy the piece from beginning to end and marvel at all the complexities of it? The point is in itself. 
Me: Why meditate?
Guru: To learn how to cease the fluctuations of the mind.
Me: Why would I want a quiet mind?
Guru: To open your third eye.
Me: Why would I want that open?
Guru: To see everything. Right knowledge vs wrong knowledge. Once you can see beyond seeing, feel beyond feeling you come into a "knowing" which leads you into a "being" which can only happens when the mind is quiet. 
Me: What does that mean?! 
Guru: It means you meet yourself. The real you. Not the you the world has named, not the you who is daughter, mother, wife, friend or whatever circumstances you've occurred. It's the you behind the curtain, the you beneath all the layers and masks. Once you "level up" all the way up and find out who you really are, this heightened state of consciousness allows you to set your sails and ride the winds navigating through this vast ocean of life effortlessly with ease, happiness and peace rather than bobbing up and down in the water, trying not to drown.
Me: Does it really take a lifetime of dedicated yoga and meditation to reach this level?
Guru: (Laughs) For you it might. Can sinners earn their way into heaven? No. Forgiveness is the way. You can't mediate, pose and force your way into enlightenment. Acceptance is the way. Love yourself, now. Accept yourself as you are, now. Then go from there. 
Me: What if I don't want to.
Guru: Then either take the lifetime to realize everything you are looking for and all the answers you seek are right there, inside of you this whole time. Or you can skip all that and see it right here, right now, today. 
Me: What if I'm not ready.
Guru: Well you're sitting here in front of me asking me all of these questions aren't you? Well here is a question for you: Who are YOU?
Me: (with a sly smile) Who's asking? 
Guru: (roaring with laughter) Now you're getting it. Thank goodness, I was getting bored. Now our conversations are going to be interesting! Go sleep, digest what we've discussed and come back another time. 
Me: But I wasn't finished! I have a whole list. We've barely scratched the surface. 
Guru: Burn the list. You won't be needing it after you wake up.

He was right. :)


May 19, 2010
Focus on what you love.

Speak to what your strengths are.

Figure out what you do best and build from that.

Mean every word you say.

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