My Intent: To provide quality yoga instruction and guided meditation appropriate for all including the teaching of ancient ways, traditions, culture & rituals to get people fit in mind, body & soul strengthening, healing ourselves, the community and ultimately the world as a whole.

End Goal: To teach one how to heal them-self by bringing out the guru within eventually growing into standing on their own, not needing my instruction. In turn, they will teach others and we will all rise together.

I love to teach yoga and guided meditation directly from my heart, which is how I would like to be taught. 

My guidance is based on my own personal experiences and extensive studies over my entire lifetime.

Besides spending time with my husband, four children, family and friends, I love studying psychology and human behavior.
I keep myself busy involved in various training seminars, sunrise/sunsets at the beach, skin diving and snorkeling with the locals, regular excursions to Haleakala (House of the Sun) and deep meditation in the many forests and jungle life here in Maui.

The universe is on our side. I know this because I am finally here, doing what I need to do, saying everything I need to say.
I ran from my purpose for a very long time, hiding in fear of putting myself out there. Now that I'm in sync with my heart, the universe amazingly seems to rearrange itself to accommodate my needs.  

I love helping people get fit and healthy from the inside out providing quality instruction with long lasting results leaving the student feels confident enough to continue on their own.

It's not about seeing a yoga instructor doing amazing things.
It's about bringing that same "amazing-ness" out of YOU!

This is what I do, what I love and I want to share it with everyone I can. 

Let me take you on the same journey I took which led me here. 

Allow me to guide you "out of your head" and into another realm where real transformations take place.

See you on the mat. 

~Aloha, Mahalo & Namaste~
Elaina Green

Elaina is an Integrative Yoga Enthusiast & Spiritual Muse who earned her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) credentials in 2010. She has since then been teaching, training, volunteering,learning, growing and constantly evolving committed to be the best possible version of herself with sights to leave this world a better place than when she found it. Specialties are: Guided Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Keiki Yoga & Senior Yoga.

Place your index finger on your third eye and bring the tips of your thumb, middle and ring finger together extending the pinkie. This is my spin on the Apaan mudra. This is my go to, cure all and cover everything mudra. It cleanses the body and helps to regulate and increase your energy flow. Often when we are holding on to something spiritually, our bodies will hold on to it's mass as well causing blockages, swelling, tension, disruption, disharmony within and ultimately disease. What you think, will be just that. Watch your thoughts carefully for they will shape your reality. Be still and know.