Aloha, Namaste and Welcome.

Imagine yourself in a place of happiness, well being and stillness on the beautiful shores in Maui, Hawaii taking a vacation from all that is happening in your world. Your mind is your sanctuary. Your breath is your guide.   
Make every part of your day a walking, talking, moving meditation.

Current Schedule as of April 2019:

CHAIR YOGA Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:15 - 10:15 AM
It's incredible what our bodies are capable of when we integrate an anchor, such as a chair, into our yoga practice. 
The sequence is therapeutically designed to cover it all!
Come  check it out and get lost in a calm, relaxing meditative state of mind while we gently stretch every muscle, strengthen every joint system and reverse body damage.
Soar beyond depths you never knew you had.
Class tends to be pretty full.
Email me and I'll save you a seat or two.

POWER YOGA Tuesday and Thursdays, 10:30 - 11:30 AM
Come as you are. All levels welcome. Mats provided. Bring a small towel & plenty of water.
Prepare yourself with an open heart and willing attitude and an expectation to be challenged from head to toe.
This will be a challenging, yet relaxing yoga sequence designed to relieve stress, recharge the body and calm the mind.
Breathe into a moving meditation, and a place of blissful relaxation.
Your body craves wellness.  It starts here.
See you on the mat!
The Center at Norpoint

Check out Facebook for guest teaching events and 
also look for upcoming outdoor hiking and yoga events this spring!